How to make your home 'hygge' this Christmas

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Our obsession with all things Danish is still going strong, especially when it comes to making your home ‘hygge’ this Christmas.  Hygge is not something that can be defined exactly, it is better described as a feeling, ‘cosiness of the soul’ or ‘cocoa by candlelight’. In essence it is a feeling of calm happiness, having created a safe space which is perfect for relaxation.

We’ve picked some of our favourite ways to do this from Meik Wiking’s ‘The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well’.

A hyggekrog

Roughly translating as ‘a nook’, this is a place in your home that you are able to curl up with a blanket, a cup of tea and a book. It can be a window seat, or under the stairs, a comfortable sanctuary that allows you to escape the world.


Candles are arguably the most important element of creating hygge, with Danes burning the most candles per head in all of Europe, almost twice the amount of Austria who come second. Danes are very specific about only burning unscented candles as they are less artificial, but it is the act of burning a candle that helps to create the hygge.


Owning an open fire or wood-burning stove is a fantastic way to add warmth, light and cosiness into your home. Sitting by the fire listening to the crackle and spitting of the wood is perfect for creating a festive atmosphere.


A connection to nature within the home is very important, so introduce wood, berries, twigs & animal skins throughout the home. Sheepskin rugs/cushions are soft and cosy, whilst the roughly chopped logs from the open fire provide a contrast to this. Christmas is the perfect time to introduce nature into the home, and can be done through wreaths on the mantelpiece, garlands of winter berries, and of course your real Christmas tree, which fills the home with a festive scent.


Introducing antique pieces of furniture or putting your grandmother’s blanket to use in your home not only looks great, but adds to the hygge feeling through emotional attachment, helping to make your home truly personal and sacred. Christmas decorations and traditions which are often passed down through generations are a great way to keep the past alive.