Leicester's first 'beard stroking station' aims to de-stress christmas shoppers


Before you ask, no, this isn't a joke...


We all know that Christmas shopping can be a stressful time, but have you ever thought of taking a break to stroke a beard?!

Mo Bro’s Grooming Co in Leicester recently advertised for men with a full face of fuzz to work on it’s beard stroking station, with an overwhelming response of over 4,000 applicants.

The beard stroking station is designed to help relax stressed-out christmas shoppers, with profits being donated to homeless charity, Shelter. The idea behind this is that stroking animals is proven to reduce stress, and doing what they know best, Mo Bro’s Grooming Co hopes that that the beards will have a similar effect.

The stroking station will consist of a seaside-style hole in the wall, in which the men will put their fuzzy chins through the screens for 20 minute stroking sessions, complete with calming music. They can even make conversation with their stroking partner, if they wish.

A number of shoppers have already signed up, and the station will also be open to passers-by from Wednesday 20 December in Highcross Shopping Centre. 

Disposable gloves, hand sanitizer and the company’s own grooming products will be on hand to keep things clean and stop those beards becoming irritated.

The question is, will you be stroking a beard this Christmas?