Garden trends for 2018


Here are 6 trends for 2018 that will see your garden go from drab to fab!



Alfresco dining

Whether it’s a picnic or a bbq, eating and socialising outdoors is great fun. New additions to your outdoor space might include a sunken fire pit meaning you can sit around and toast marshmallows with friends and family. Or perhaps an outdoor pizza oven, perfect for outdoor cooking and of course pizza!

Balcony gardening

If you’ve not got much outdoor space, making the most of your balcony is easy to do and can make a big impact. Try adding colourful pots and incorporate larger potted trees such as olive trees. Larger trees will give height and make your balcony garden more varied, and colourful pots will brighten up any space. The addition of fairy lights, lanterns and candles will make it cosy and inviting in the evening time.

Grow your own

As a nation, we’re eating much more veg nowadays, but rising food prices mean that our costs are escalating. A fantastic thing to do is grow your own veg. Not only do you get to see your veg grow from a tiny seed, the whole process is fun and very educational for kids. Plus you get cheap, delicious, seasonal vegetables. Try experimenting with new varieties such as cucamelons.

Go Ultra Violet

With Pantone revealing their colour of the year 2018 as ‘Ultra Violet’, we’ll be seeing much more purple everywhere we go. Purple flowers are a great way to incorporate this trend into your garden, and there are loads to choose from including Lavender, Verbena & Catmint. You’ll have the most stylish garden on your street!

Make your garden a habitat

Modern gardens are not often designed with wildlife in mind, but with a few easy steps, you can make your outdoor space a haven for birds, bugs & bees. Introducing plants which bear berries are a great food source for birds, and planting Lavender, Heather and White Clover will attract bees and provide them with a food source. Hedgehog houses provide a safe place for winter hibernation, and can be introduced all year round.