New Year's Resolutions?


Here’s how to make & keep them...  

Create one specific and achievable goal

Having just one goal to aim towards takes the pressure off and helps you to focus on only one thing, making your chances at success much higher. It is also important that your goal is specific and achievable. For example setting yourself a target of ‘read more’ is too vague and doesn’t give you a specific target to aim towards. Instead aiming to read 1 book per month is much more realistic.

Don’t stick with the usuals!

Each new year, people tend to stick to the same resolutions which isn’t necessarily a good idea, as it is likely there is a reason you haven’t been successful the first time round. Instead, focus on some new ones that won’t play on your mind year after year.

Schedule time  

With busy everyday lives, it can be difficult to fit in time dedicated towards your goal, but if you schedule in time to your diary, it’s more likely to happen.

Surround yourself with friends & family

Having people around you who can help and support you is vital when trying to achieve goals.

Measure your progress and acknowledge your achievements

Keeping a close eye on your progress can really help with keeping you motivated. It is important to remember that even if you’re making baby steps, you’re still moving forward! Celebrate your achievements too, you’re heading in the right direction.