A ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ is happening this evening…


The lunar phenomena that is the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’, is due to take place this evening, and will combine three separate lunar events, which have not been witnessed together for over 150 years.

The three elements are: a blue moon (the second full moon in a calendar month), a super moon (the moon around 14% brighter than usual at its closest stage of orbit) and a blood moon (taking on a reddish tint as part of a lunar eclipse visible in some places), which will all combine to create the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’.

Stages of a lunar eclipse

Stages of a lunar eclipse

The West coast of the US is predicted to have the best visibility, as well as Indonesia, Australia & New Zealand, and depending on where you are will either take place on the evening of the 31st January or the morning of 1st February.

Keep an eye out, this is much rarer than ‘once in a blue moon’!