Leicestershire author Tamsin Winter publishes debut novel 'Being Miss Nobody'


Tamsin Winter is an author and teacher, based in Market Harborough. Back in June 2017, she released her debut novel Being Miss Nobody, which has since gone on to be nominated for multiple awards, the most recent one being the Leicestershire Reading Rampage award 2018.

Being Miss Nobody tells the story of Rosalind Banks, a young girl with selective mutism (also known as SM), a severe anxiety disorder which makes it impossible to speak in certain situations. Being Miss Nobody explores the difficulties of living with selective mutism as a young person, and the isolating and traumatic effects it can have.

At secondary school, Rosalind becomes the victim of bullying, and her need to speak up becomes desperate. She starts an anonymous blog called Miss Nobody which allows her to find her voice, venting about and naming the bullies who are ruining her life, but things get out of control and Rosalind knows she needs to speak up. But finding a voice when you can’t speak is almost impossible.

Tamsin says ‘I hope Being Miss Nobody reveals the enormous struggle young people with SM face. I hope this book goes some way to improving understanding of SM, and anxiety in general’.

Being Miss Nobody is a novel about speaking up, told by a girl who can't. But it's also about the million-per-cent importance of friendship, how you can lose someone and keep them at the same time, how books and libraries can provide a necessary sanctuary and - most importantly of all - how incredibly brave and almighty a girl can be’.

Being Miss Nobody is available to buy from Waterstones, Amazon, WHSmith, or your local bookshop. Tamsin’s second novel will be published in 2018.

You can find out more about Tamsin and her novels on her website - www.tamsinwinter.com