The Importance Of Interior Design


by Sharon Curran

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When it comes to redecorating your home or planning renovation work, finding inspiration can be a challenge. Interior designer, Sharon Curran, talks us through why it can really pay to work with a professional in your home. 

Interior designer, interior architect, interior decorator, stylist, cushion plumper… whatever you call them, they’re the missing link between architects, builders and the homeowner. That said, interior designers are often stereotyped by the British public, leading them to question the value they can add to a home (Changing Rooms I’m looking at you!). People mistakenly think that they are a service which caters to the very wealthy with enormous mansions and even larger budgets, doing lavish Grand Design style building projects. 

Interior design provides the internal positioning and detail to your intended layouts. This means specifying the lighting and electrical information, plumbing requirements and joinery information such as doors and skirting as well as any other bespoke built items or made to measure furniture & fittings, then explaining exactly they will all go.  Next, its onto wall treatments, colour schemes and flooring options right through to specifying furniture and soft furnishings such as curtains as well as adding interest with art and accessories. 

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If you’re planning renovations or extension work, knowing the furniture and design layouts for your rooms beforehand not only helps your budgeting but will save you the later irritation of not having enough power sockets in the right place, lighting in the wrong position, buying a sofa thats too big or too small, wishing you had a built in cupboard in that corner, or the TV on another wall, made to measure curtains instead of roller blinds etc…you get the picture. There’s a lot to consider.

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Even if you are not in the fortunate position of doing a full on renovation, we all know how time consuming and stressful it can be to do a room makeover. You start with good intentions and think it can all be done in a few hours (cheers daytime TV) and end up frustrated that you haven’t got the inspiration to give it a real change or you run out of energy and funds to finish it. A good designer can give you imaginative options that you hadn't considered and will push for your home to be an expression of your personal style, all within budget. 

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An interior designer will bring many skills and ideas to a project; ensuring you have a layout which avoids wasted space, exposing you to new materials and finishes to enhance the end result and most importantly encouraging creativity and confidence in your choices. 

Remember spaces can take a while to feel finished and rooms evolve over time. Personality is KING when creating a space that is truly your own, but having a good layout planned ahead means that your time is spent doing the fun stuff; filling the space with amazing accessories, art and treasured finds, the faffing and of course, the cushion plumping! 

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