Lincoln Entrepreneur Hires Cameraman To Follow His Every Move

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Move over Kardashians, an entrepreneur in Lincoln has taken the unusual step of hiring a professional cameraman to record his working life.

Peter Watson, the co-founder and MD of Distract digital marketing agency and startup incubator, Featured has taken the unexpected step of hiring a cameraman who’ll record his every move.

The cameraman is producing a daily vlog entitled ‘Inside the Journey’ which will highlight the inside story of the entrepreneur and the rapidly growing digital marketing agency he started in the centre of Lincoln.

Peter Watson said:

“It might sound like the ultimate vanity project, but there is actually a business case for this. Sam, the cameraman will be producing videos that show what I get up to day-to-day and reveal what goes on behind the scenes at Distract and Featured.”

“I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while, but I always chickened out before putting out a job advert to make it happen. Then, Sam got in touch offering his services and I decided to go for it. Marketing agencies rarely put themselves in front of the camera because they prefer to act like some mysterious, invisible organisation. In reality, that’s just bad marketing and it doesn’t suit who we are as a company. We’re innovative, brave and quirky, we embrace technology and I want to help people and businesses to understand and see what we get up to.

“I hope these videos and podcasts will inspire other entrepreneurs and people who’re thinking of starting a business or getting into marketing and it’ll also be good fun. There’s also a benefit in helping businesses and contacts get to know us. When you’re thinking of hiring an agency, you want to know everything about them: How they work; whether their culture will fit yours; whether they deliver what they promise… This vlog will show us exactly how we work here at Distract.

“One of the things I tell every client is that they should have a key person of influence who can become the face of the business. By doing these videos, I’ll be practising what I preach.

“It won’t just be endless videos of me sitting in the office, I tend to travel all over and meet some really interesting and inspiring people. Sam will be filming when I’m going out to shoots, brainstorming with the team, and if my clients are happy, he’ll be filming my meetings with them. He’ll even be filming my lunch breaks and my journey to work. It’ll be really cool…. But no, he won’t be following me into the toilet.”

Sam Spencer is a recent graduate from the University of Lincoln where he studied Media Production with experience in filming adverts, music videos and promotional videos for companies including Anglian Water. He’ll now be working full time to document Peter’s working life at Distract and sister company, Featured.

As well as daily vlogs which will be shared on Peter’s Facebook and YouTube, Sam will be producing a fortnightly podcast with start up entrepreneurs and several series of video interviews with other business leaders and industry experts. These will be aimed at highlighting people who have started businesses straight after university, innovative marketing tools and techniques and highlights of Distract’s marketing activities.

Peter hopes that the videos, vlogs and podcasts will inspire more young people to go into business, highlight the business landscape of the city and will share best practice for other people working in marketing and other industries.

Cameraman, Sam Spencer said:

“Yeah, it’s one of the strangest jobs I’ve had and the job interview was a bit weird too, but I think it’ll be fun and I love the idea. Pete’s a nice guy and gets up to some interesting stuff. He’s always meeting interesting people and he often gives speeches to share advice with other companies so I’ll be recording any pearls of wisdom or wacky ideas he has.

“Distract is a really cool company and the team are extremely talented so it’ll also have lots of the great stuff that happens in and out of the office. Speaking of the office, Distract’s staff are able to bring their dogs to work, so I’m sure they’ll be a regular feature of the videos too!”

You can now see the videos each day on Peter’s Facebook and YouTube.

More material will be coming soon to as well as on Distract’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin, @distracthq