Organise your home with Absolutely Tidy 


Carol Richardson is the founder of Absolutely Tidy, a professional organising service based in Leicestershire. The Whistle chats to Carol about how important decluttering a home can really be.

Before becoming a professional organiser, Carol Richardson spent most of her career as a Nurse, working across hospitals in Leicestershire for many years. In 2009, she went freelance, advising on NHS policies on the safeguarding of children and adults, and has a wealth of experience working with elderly and vulnerable people. 

In December 2017, Carol decided she wanted a change of direction, and turned to her love of organisation. “I’d been doing organising & decluttering for friends and family for years, but never realised I could turn it into a business” says Carol. So in January 2018, Absolutely Tidy was born, thanks to the help of Pro Organizer Studio who helped Carol build her brand and start her business as a professional organiser. Carol can declutter and organise anything for anyone, from wardrobes to whole houses, but often works with the ‘sandwich generation’ - those who are raising children and caring for their ageing parents at the same time. 

Being part of the ‘sandwich generation’ is busy and time consuming, and helping their parents with bigger tasks such as decluttering a home can easily be pushed aside. “Often the elderly generation have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of possessions which can pose a danger to physical safety” says Carol. 


Whilst it may not be something we want to think about until the time comes, “using someone who can help to clear and declutter items from the home helps to start a conversation between families about planning ahead for the future; it’s not something a lot of families speak about openly.” Whilst it is commonplace to have a will drawn up, “everyday items from the home are easily forgotten and can cause extra stress after a family death if no plans have been made.”   

“Having someone neutral there when decluttering is really beneficial; otherwise decisions can become very emotionally charged” says Carol, “possessions are memories, especially for the older generation and sorting through them can be emotionally exhausting”. Carol usually works in 3 hour sessions, but works flexibly depending on the size of the project and the needs of her clients. “Letting go of unwanted items can be both physically and emotionally freeing, but I believe it’s important not to rush or push people to do anything they don’t want to - it’s their property at the end of the day.” 

One of the many benefits of clearing a home earlier rather than later, means that the homeowner has control over their belongings and has the chance to express their wishes for the future. “Having involvement in the process is important for the individual and really helps the wider family, it’s a really worthwhile opportunity”.

If you’d like to find out more about Carol and Absolutely Tidy, visit her website You can also follow her on Instagram @absolutely_tidy, plus Facebook and Twitter @absolutelytidy.