Katie Weir: The Bra Queen Creating Community To Uplift Women & Their Busts


Katie Weir is the founder of Weir Wonderful Fit, a bra fitting, body confidence and education brand who are changing the minds & lives of women one bra at a time.

Since the age of just 16, Katie Weir knew that she wanted a lingerie shop. Lingerie has been a huge part of her life for the past 10 years, working for brands such as Freya, Curvy Kate, Aerie, Wacoal and Reckless Wolf. Her career has taken her across the world, most recently working in Kuwait for American Eagle Outfitters and Jack Wills. “Kuwait was an amazing experience and I’m glad I went out there, but women are treated very differently in Kuwait; the female body and body confidence is not celebrated like it is here”. Coming from a PR & Social Media background, Katie loves singing the praises of lingerie and the female form. “I began to change the way I wrote and expressed myself, afraid to speak out, and so decided something needed to change. I’m super passionate about women and I needed a space where I could do my own thing”.

After 18 months, Katie moved back to the UK and ever since has been on a mission to lift busts, confidence and spirits for each and every woman she meets. Her brand, Weir Wonderful Fit, is the ultimate in educating women about body confidence, positivity and why they should invest in their bras and boobs. “A lot of women buy cheaper, ill-fitting bras, but I am a real advocate of investing in a great quality bra which does an amazing job and will last a lot longer”.


Katie says “I love to make women feel wonderful. Every time a bra fitting request slides into my DM, I do a happy dance because I know that is one more woman who I can make a difference to! Weir Wonderful Fit is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle; I speak about boobs, bras and body confidence to every woman I ever meet, and that is what drove me to start the business”.

Community is at the heart of what Katie does, and in 2019 will launch her very own girl gang, the #CupSizedClique. The clique is a female collective, handpicked exclusively by Katie, who are all incredibly passionate about beautiful lingerie and body positivity. “My wish for the clique is to represent ALL women. We are going to party together, bra fit together and spread wonderful body positive vibes across social media platforms”.

The clique aims to educate women about bra fitting, banishing the embarrassment and negativity that often comes with talking about boobs and bras. You can make friends and chat about “boobs, style, fashion, love, life and all things wonderful”. Look no further, the #CupSizedClique is your new tribe.

Weir Wonderful Fit offer a variety of different services centered around bra fitting. A bra fitting with Katie is a fresh & somewhat new experience, because let’s face it, can you remember the last time you got fitted? Gone are the embarrassing consultations in cramped changing rooms under harsh shop lighting. Katie makes you feel completely at ease, doing everything she can to make you comfortable in her gorgeous bra room. One of the best things about the brand is the Bra-Ty, (or Bra Party for those of you who didn’t get that!) Gather together all of your best girlfriends for some drinks, laughs and get expertly fitted by Katie. You can look at all the latest styles of beautiful lingerie and ask questions about anything bust related! She can even come and host one in your workplace too.


Katie recently spoke at her old stomping ground, Manchester Metropolitan University, where she spoke about her career, inspiring current students. “I would love to become a lecturer at some point in my life alongside my bra fitting business, but I just want to continue fitting ladies, educating the nation on the importance of wearing correctly fitted bras and lift spirits, busts and confidence on the daily!”

Visit www.weirwonderful.co.uk for more information or to book an appointment. You can also follow Katie on Instagram (@weirwonderfulfit) and facebook.