SEO tool ‘Hike’ gains 5.2K customers in 3 weeks


Local entrepreneurs Andrew Allen and Kieran Headley recently launched their brand new SEO tool ‘Hike’, gaining themselves 5.2K worldwide customers in just 3 weeks. Hike aims to guide small businesses with little to no SEO knowledge to the top of the search engine rankings by allowing them to create bespoke strategies specific for their target niche.

The tool’s growth since its launch has been huge, acquiring 5.2K customers in the small business sector. With customers in 70 different countries, Hike has truly gone worldwide and is available in over 5 different languages. The growth so far has exceeded Andrew and Kieran’s expectations, highlighting the need for a tool such as this. The pair spotted the opportunity for Hike after being surrounded by small business founders who needed SEO support every day but due to being young companies, couldn’t afford the fees of big agencies. They decided that they would create something that would save these founders on average over 75% on their annual SEO costs.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is notoriously complex. It is the act of ensuring that search engines can find a web page in order to display it in response to a relevant search query. The better the SEO, the higher up the website on the search rankings, resulting in more visibility and ultimately business and revenue.

“We did some market research and found that although 90% of businesses said SEO was super important for their growth, over half were not doing any or doing very, very little,” explain Andrew and Kieran, “75% of these founders wanted an automated platform as a solution and there’s nothing on the market that does this for startup businesses, so we set about creating Hike.”

“Many tools provide the user with valuable data and assume that they’ll know what to do with it. Hike is an instructive-based solution that guides you through exactly what to do with the data, step by step, whilst explaining why each step is beneficial. It helps founders conquer and navigate the world of SEO.”

Based in Claybrooke Parva in Leicestershire, Andrew and Kieran collectively have over 15 years experience in SEO. Support through one of Europe’s leading accelerator programmes, Ignite, has given Hike the time and resources to build and launch the product, with further investment on the horizon to help them target the small business market across the world.

“We’re so pleased with the success of Hike so far following its launch,” say Andrew and Kieran, “We’re helping a worldwide audience far quicker than we ever thought we would, highlighting just how important the need for a platform like Hike is within the SEO industry.”