Oakham resident goes the extra mile for disability charity, Scope


 Tree Gillions from Trees Home Help is calling on all residents to support her in a fundraising effort to raise awareness of disabilities through a campaign called My Hidden Pain. Tree will expose all in a photo shoot that she hopes will visualise the physical difficulties she faces every day due to her Cerebral Palsy while hopefully raising a target £500 for the disability charity, Scope.

The disabled mother-of-two who also runs her own successful Home Support company is organising a photo shoot in collaboration with three local companies businesses Rutland Creative and Colourful Soul.

Ahead of the fundraising event Tree said: “When I first decided to do this shoot it was simply to provide a way of showing people what I live with every day, I don’t want sympathy as in a way I love my Cerebral Palsy, However, now I want to create a positive message, especially to young children that may be feeling “different” or struggling to cope with any form of disability, I want them to know that being different is amazing and you can live your best life and achieve so much despite not necessarily conforming to “the norm”.

Craig Wills, Scope’s Community Fundraising Manager, said:

“We can’t thank Trees Home Help enough for their incredible support organising #MyHiddenPain in aid of Scope. It’s people like Tree that are helping us achieve disability equality, and we couldn’t achieve that without them.”

You can support Tree by visiting:


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