Random Acts of Kindness Week 2018


11-17th February 2018 is Random Acts of Kindness week, and The Whistle wants to encourage you all to spread the love and the kindness, no matter how big or small.


Random Acts of Kindness is a foundation that believes small acts of kindness can change the world one by one, making you and others around you happier, and also healthier.

Here are some lovely ideas to help you spread kindness around the world, starting today.

  1. Text someone good morning or good night

  2. Give a care package

  3. Bake someone a cake

  4. Take the neighbours bins out

  5. Leave a generous tip

  6. Leave a surprise in a library book

  7. Donate old towels or blankets to an animal shelter

  8. Send a postcard

What will you do to spread the love?

For more information, visit www.randomactsofkindness.org