Five minutes with... Joel LaRosa


Joel LaRosa is the founder of Joel LaRosa Design, a Leicester based interior design and project manage business specialising in bespoke kitchens and bathrooms. Joel lives in Leicester with his fiancée and Pugalier Koira.

When did you start Joel LaRosa Design?

The company was founded on 1st February 2017, so we’ve just celebrated our first birthday. People have been incredibly supportive, which is really encouraging.  

How did you start your career in design?

I began working as an office junior with a kitchen company and started to play around with the design software. My boss at the time asked if I was interested in getting into kitchen design and I knew it was something I wanted to explore. I worked my way up to a designer, head designer, manager, and now 14 years on I run my own business doing something I am incredibly passionate about. I actually wanted to be a frogman when I was younger but creativity took over!

What can a Joel LaRosa customer expect?

Clients will contact me to express an interest and then I visit them in their home. We’ll chat and discuss ideas to establish what they want to achieve. The ethos of ‘Design Within Reach’ is to deliver experienced knowledge and advice, design a space you love and provide quality and cost effective products within budget.

I’ll then go away and create a private collaboration board on Pinterest that both myself and the client can add to it and this allows me to see their ideas and tastes, which is essential to the design process.

The next step is to revisit the clients home to go through the whole design with them, their mood boards along with the plans and samples. We’ll also look at the 3D visuals together, which gives me an opportunity to get feedback and to make any tweaks. All of this combined helps the client to get a real feel of what the final result will look like.

We have a fantastic installation team made up of specialists including plumbers, electricians and plasterers who will bring your kitchen or bathroom to life, and I’ll manage the project to ensure perfection is achieved until the very end.

What do you enjoy most about design?


My favourite thing is seeing a finished project. I really do share the customer’s delight in seeing a fantastic end product that is being used to its full potential. I have a real passion for design and love what I do - if I won the lottery this weekend, I’d still be at my desk on Monday morning!

What are your favourite interior trends for 2018?

I am a huge fan of industrial design, which I believe will be a huge trend for 2018. Introducing darker colours like forest green, navy blue and mustard into the home is another trend I’m excited about, as I absolutely love colour (I even used to own 32 pairs of different coloured trousers!)

What are your plans for the coming year?

We’re looking to open a studio this year, so we can have a space for clients to come and see samples and gather ideas and inspiration. On a more personal note, I’m getting married this year, so I’m really looking forward to that!

What are your goals for the future?

In the next few years I plan to grow to a team of designers who are passionate about what they do. When it comes to employing, I truly believe that a love of what you do outweighs past experience. I want to work with people who believe in what they do and have fun doing it.


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