The Home Styling Company can help sell your house


Professionally presented properties often sell for more, faster

Thinking of putting your house on the market? The way your home is presented for sale can have a massive impact on how quickly it sells and for what price. Home staging is often overlooked by many but can add value and serious wow factor to your home. Qualified interiors stylist, Denise Cable gives her top tips on how to prepare and stage your house to maximise its potential, and your investment at the same time. 


Online first impressions

Definitely a cliché but absolutely true. You really do only get one chance to make a first impression. Now more than ever, your prospective buyer’s first port of call will almost certainly be to look at photos of your property online.  If they don’t like what they see, chances are they’ll be clicking off your page before you can say ‘sold’.

The best bits

What made you fall in love with your house? – Probably its best features. Make the most of them so that other buyers can feel the love too. Highlight the fireplace, make sure your bay windows can be seen, clear clutter off your beautiful staircase.

Boutique chic

Beds should take centre stage in a bedroom. Fresh white bedding (doesn’t have to be expensive) and four well plumped pillows will honestly make a big difference. Add a couple of cushions and a throw and you will be giving your bedroom the boutique chic look it deserves.

Fit for purpose

Ensure all rooms have a clear purpose even if this is not how you have chosen to use the space. Is that a playroom, a storage room or your office?  Buyers don’t want to imagine it, they want to see it.

Super Agent

Choose your agent wisely. Cheapest is probably not the best, but then the most expensive is not necessarily the best either. Choose an agent who has expert knowledge of your area, has recently sold property in your area and has professional photography.

Don’t be greedy

Overpricing your house will mean you will not get as much interest. It will hang around for longer and then you’ll consider reducing to a more realistic price, but by then you will have lost potential buyers. To sell your house you should have a realistic selling price, excellent property presentation & great marketing.

The goes without saying list:

Clean everywhere thoroughly – all windows, paintwork and even the front door to give maximum kerb appeal as this is what buyers will see first. Get rid of everything you are not currently using and banish all pet and kids’ paraphernalia. Remove smelly bins, fix anything that is broken, lose the family photos and any weird or quirky collections.

The Home Styling Company is the perfect for anyone needing interior solutions. Denise works with each client on an individual basis to ensure even the smallest of budgets and needs are satisfied. She also offers furniture rental packages for empty houses, new builds & show homes.

Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can really help your home thrive in a competitive market. A small investment in preparing your property for sale will cost substantially less than the first price reduction you will make if it is not selling. Denise will do a detailed home consultation and bespoke report from £150. For more tips and information, visit or call Denise on 07870 751108.