Walkers launches retro flavours to celebrate 70th anniversary


To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Walkers Crisps, the company are recreating classic flavours from the past 6 decades of business. 

The flavours are as follows:

1950s - Coronation Chicken

1960s - Roast Lamb & Mint

1970s - Cheese Fondue

1980s - Chicken Tikka Masala

1990s - BBQ ribs

2000s - Sweet Chilli

Walkers was founded in Leicester in 1948 by Henry Walker. After the war, crisps were made to fill the void that meat rations left behind, and have since become a staple in our diets (ours anyway!).

The celebratory flavours will be available to buy from Sunday 18th March 2018. Which flavour has caught your eye?!