Interiors with impact with Sharon Curran

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Interior designer Sharon Curran from Curran Interior Design in Leicester, talks us through her top 5 tips for making your space standout.


Colour is what really gives a space its personality but can often be the hardest element to decide on.  Make colour choices based on how you want your room to feel. Warm and inviting? Confident and edgy? Elegant and calming?

In other words, going for neutrals needs to be a deliberate choice, not a fall back safe bet - beige should never be boring!

Top tip: Restrict your colour palette to 3 or 4 but remember to throw in the odd curveball now and then - a pop of colour to catch the eye works wonders. 


Lighting is often overlooked, condemned to a single ceiling pendant, but get it right and your interiors will be transformed.  There are 3 types of lighting to include: Ambient or background, Task or directional, Decorative or accent. Mixing pendant, floor and table lighting will produce pools of light to add deliberate impact to the rooms atmosphere.  

Top tip: rather than always going for highest wattage, experiment with your bulbs to spread light gently and create contrast with shadow


Texture is the secret weapon to highlighting the personality of a room.  Matching the texture of all your materials is the no.1 mistake to having a bland interior scheme that lacks interest and needs a lift.

Rugs, throws, curtains, wallcoverings, cushions, flooring and furniture all lend themselves to providing texture options to make the difference between dull and deliberate impact.

Top tip: choose contrasting materials to give visual and tactile excitement… think velvet and leather, cotton and wool or silk and canvas.


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Flowers and plants bring change to an interior colour palette, provide additional texture and generally perk up a room, plus indoor plants are having a massive revival with lots of interesting varieties now available in supermarkets and on the high street.  

Mirrors are a game changer in a room by bouncing light, adding interest with reflections and adding a glossy surface to that all important texture mix.  Every room should have one, ideally the larger the better!

Rugs are the interiors equivalent of a scarf, they add an extra focal point of interest and warmth to a room.

Top tip: remember, your home should be a reflection of your life and unique corner of the world so show your interior style through collections and artwork.


Rules are made to be broken right?

“Co-ordinate your furniture”

Matching everything is the fastest way to achieving a room devoid of personality

“Symmetry equals harmony”

Placing objects, collections or artworks off-centre, changing the scale of items such as oversize lamps or cushions are always going to create an interior that has deliberate impact.

“Paint rooms pale colours to make them bigger and concentrate on 1 focal point”

Sadly a pale room will only seem to increase the appearance of light not its actual size! Having 2 or even 3 focal points will create a space that is varied and exciting.


You can find more about Sharon & Curran Interior Design at or follow @curraninteriordesign on Instagram for lots of lovely inspiration!