Interview: Photographer Marie-Louise Garratt


The Whistle chats to Marie-Louise Garratt, a Leicestershire photographer and the owner of our beautiful front cover image for issue 2. 


How old were you when you started taking photographs?

I remember taking photos when I was around 13 with a tiny compact camera, however, when I turned 16 my dad gave me his backup camera which was a Canon 350D at the time and that's when things got serious.

What has been your favourite destination/place in the world to photograph?

So far I would definitely say the Spanish Pyrenees and the Apennine Mountains in Italy, both are just stunning and literally everywhere you turn is a photo opportunity. 

Who inspires you? 

This is tricky as I particularly struggle with inspiration but Instagram helps greatly as there are so many amazing photographers/artists on there! 

Where is your favourite place in Leicester to photograph? 

Definitely the Grand Union Canal which runs directly behind my house, it's so beautiful and photogenic in all seasons and generally, I think it's a little underrated!  

Do you only take landscape photographs?

I'm experienced with most types photography but landscapes are the one thing I find myself coming back to and thoroughly enjoying, I have such an appreciation for the natural world and there is nothing better than slowly watching the sun go down and capturing the last moment of the day.

Do you have any trips planned this year?

So far nothing is set in stone, as I've been working on my camper van but when it's finished, i'll definitely be visiting the lake district and hopefully some places in Europe!

What are your plans for the future?

Well, as much as I love landscape photography I'm really looking to expand on different areas of photography more so I can support myself financially (hello real world). I've recently been doing clubs/bars and at the end of this month, I'm shooting my first wedding, which I'm so excited about!