Top beauty brands that are animal cruelty-free


We all love our beauty brands and the world of makeup and skincare is bigger than ever before. We love getting a bargain as much as anyone else, however getting it cheap doesn’t always mean it’s good. A lot of brands test on animals which is a cheaper alternative but it’s not as ethically correct (if you’re all for animal rights that is). Here is a list of brands that don’t test on our furry friends. 


Between its bold shades and iconic collaborations NARS cosmetics has become one of the industry’s most talked about brands. 

Urban Decay 

Urban Decay the creators of the infamous NAKED eyeshadow palette are cruelty free and we love it. Who can live without their pigmented eyeshadow tones and baked highlighters! Urban Decay make makeup fun.


The products with the packaging that says it all, bringing glamour and femininity into their products with inspiration from Paris. We all want eyeshadow that comes in the shape of a Chocolate bar and even smells like chocolate with their chocolate scented cocoa powder formula! YES YES YES!


This one is a given. Priding themselves on handmade products with natural ingredients, LUSH provides skincare that reveals our inner boho self. With every kind of product you could think of from foundations and bath bombs to their new ‘Rainbow Fun Bar’ which you can use for almost anything whether it be shampooing your hair or having a bubble bath, there is something for every skin type.


With bareMinerals, no testing is done on animals at all. Their products don’t even include oils, fragrance, preservatives or damaging chemicals. Sounds good to us and our skin!

Soap and Glory

Who doesn’t love smelling like marshmallows and raspberries?! With their ultra girly products and witty names, (see sexy-mother-pucker lipgloss and Orangeasm Body Butter), Soap and Glory are firmly in the cruelty-free sector showing their support through FRAME - Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills 

In any professional makeup artist kit or makeup junkies bag, you'll find at least one ABH product. We’re more than certain it will be the eyebrow products, which in recent years have created an eyebrow frenzy through beauty bloggers on Instagram and Youtube. A high-quality brand which protects our furry friends – yes please. 

The Body Shop

The Body Shop has always boasted about its ethically sustainable skin and body care that is both natural and organic. With many different ranges including vitamin E, vitamin C, British Rose and Camomile, there's skincare, makeup and fragrance for everyone.


NYX is a more affordable high end makeup brand which has joined into the cruelty free party and we’re happy about this! They offer hundreds of products including their mega popular lip glosses and lip liners! 

Burt’s Bees 

Well-known for their tinted lip balms, and more recently the launch of their lipstick range, Burt’s Bees are a certified cruelty-free brand, however aren’t Vegan friendly as their main ingredient is Beeswax. Priding themselves on natural products, this is a winner for us and our lips. 

There you have it, a list of some of the incredible brands that are cruelty free! With so many brands now joining the cruelty-free movement, we'll soon be spoilt for choice! Which brands are your favourite? Let us know! 



Niamh Kirk