Leicester based marketing agency launch innovative and affordable marketing service for small businesses across the U.K.


 Leicester based and award-winning marketing agency, Mocha Marketing, are set to launch an innovative and more importantly, affordable service named ‘Xcluu.’ into the market with the sole purpose of supporting small businesses across the U.K, from startups to small businesses of all ages.

The driver for the new service comes from its founder and owner of the agency, Gemma Orton. Gemma explains:

Gemma Orton

Gemma Orton

“Being a small business owner myself, I know only too well the challenges of being able to afford crucial services to support growth and business goals. Not being able to afford can make you feel very inadequate at times. 

“As a marketing agency, we have had many small businesses come to us for support who can't quite justify the expense of a full service agency or simply can't afford it. This has played on my mind for the last couple of years and it's this which set me off on the journey to consider how we can develop an affordable service to support these businesses.”

Anybody assuming that the service will be delivered by non-professionals to make it affordable would be incorrect. The service will be delivered by parent company Mocha Marketing, therefore guaranteeing a high quality level of skill sets across the marketing mix. The Xcluu. service is easy to understand and delivered in a simple yet highly effective way. Xcluu. provides the small business owner with four support options to consider, ranging from £150 inc. VAT per month to £350 inc. VAT per month, the latter of which includes social media management.

So, what makes it so affordable? The biggest difference is that there are no physical meetings - saving on travel costs and time. With the vast range of technology available today, the team feel that it really doesn't make sense to have to physically meet. All processes, which have been developed to provide an effective service, can be delivered digitally with a monthly hour phone call to agree the next month’s goals and actions. Clients will not be left in the dark with regular email communication from their dedicated marketing executive.

Gemma details further:

“Writing the business plan for Xcluu. came so naturally. Our vision is straight forward - to make marketing support accessible and affordable for all small businesses across the U.K. - and that's what we intend to do.

Xcluu Logo Launch PR.png

 ‘Xcluu.’ arrived from the words ‘Exclusively Unique’. For me, many small businesses, whatever stage they're at, don’t get the credit they deserve. It's hard. So hard. And so Xcluu. is exclusively for small businesses who are all unique and wonderful in their own way. And that's why I am passionate about making a difference.”

Gemma hopes that Xcluu. will also encourage the creation of a community of small businesses across the U.K, who will all benefit from each other. By being a part of the ‘Xcluu. Community’, Xcluu. users will have access to various networking opportunities, private Facebook groups and guaranteed support from other users.  

Xcluu’s parent company Mocha Marketing has received a number of awards for the service it provides. The company strives to bring the same focused and dedicated support for its Xcluu. users, which begins with a ‘Discovery Meeting’ in order to understand what they hope to achieve from the monthly support they will receive.

Further information about Xcluu. and the options it provides are available at www.xcluu.co.uk