Summer cocktails from the gadabout


Situated in a 17th century listed building (formerly known as ‘Taps’), in the heart of Cathedral Quarter in Leicester city centre, The Gadabout is a unique and welcoming bar. Their name ‘gadabout’ is a noun meaning ‘habitual pleasure-seeker’, a mission at the centre of the bar’s ethos. The team believe in seeking pleasure in all walks of life, and aim to make that a reality when you visit for a drink - or four! Here, they share 3 of their signature cocktails that are perfect for summer. 

10 Guildhall Lane, Leicester, LE1 5FQ • 0116 251 0260 • @thegadaboutbar

a roll in the hay.jpg

-a roll in the hay (tequila / passionfruit / hay smoked corn syrup)

"cuba has the world's highest doctor to patient ratio and we're positive they'd recommend our milk punch twist on a cuba libre, it has milk in it after all"


- māui (mix of rums / gin / peach aperitif / pineapple / rhubarb shrub)

"māui pronounced (m-ow-ee), according to polynesian mythology, was a trickster demi-god that would deliberately deceive humans and other gods through pranks. one thing we can promise you however, is that we aren't tricking you on just how dreamy this drink really is"

what el doctor ordered.jpg

- what el doctor ordered (dark spiced rum / golden rum / coriander seed / citrus / chard syrup / milk)

"argentina is said to possess the highest infidelity rate in all south america. now we're not saying it is all down to the passion fruits they grow but i'm sure you can put 2 and 2 together"