Vintage clothes shopping in Leicester: A beginner's guide


Amongst all the high-street shops there are in Leicester now, there are still some hidden gems around - those being the vintage shops that are frequently popping up in Leicester. You really can find some bargains that are from well known brands in vintage shops that would cost you a fortune buying straight from the shops. You can buy more items for less! No wonder they are becoming so popular. 

Any avid thrift shopper will know it can become overwhelming especially when there has been a new delivery. 

Here’s a guide on vintage shopping for beginners.

Know What You Want 

Ideally, if you know you want a denim jacket or a t-shirt it is easier going in knowing what you want, as usually these places can look like a complete jumble sale. Knowing what you want will cut a lot of time and energy rather than just browsing through the hundreds of items. 

Be Open Minded – Think of Possibilities! 

There will be a lot of things in there you wouldn’t even look twice at in a high-street shop be it fringed jackets, bedazzled cardigans and patterned jackets. Try them on and you never know you may love it. You will have full potential if you stay open minded.  That’s how most fashionable people work, taking risks and picking things up out of the ordinary and making it work in situations. Having a good imagination is key! 

Ignore the Sizing 

You will know that all brands are different with their sizing and it can be difficult in just one shop let alone a shop with a huge variety of clothing from all over. Go for oversized t-shirts and baggy jumpers they can be made to work well. Throw sizing out the window and go for what you like. 

Shop by Season 

You will do so much better if you shop old season as people will be getting rid of clothes ready for the new season = more clothes!! Buy your winter clothes as summer is just starting and buy your summer clothes as winter approaches (weird we know but it is so much cheaper and so worth it!) 

Personalise Your Clothes 

If you’re buying from a vintage shop, chances are you have got yourself a bargain so there is no harm in personalising it to suit yourself. Try cutting clothing if you’re not entirely happy with it. If you buy a long dress cut it into a shorter dress, cut jeans into shorts for a rugged vintage look. You could even dye it and change the colour! You make the possibilities expand even further. You can make old clothes look trendy and new.


Some of the cool vintage shops in Leicester; 

The Vintage Scene Leicester 

Dollymix Vintage 

Clarendon Vintage 

The Vintage Room 

Audrey Star’s Boutique 

Pink Pigeon 

Leicester Vintage & Old Toy Shop 


Leicester Antiques Warehouse 

Venture into Vintage 

Sue Ryder – Vintage & Retro

Vintage Utopia 



niamh kirk