You won't find a cooler pizza place than this...


Welcome to Peter Pizzeria, the pizza place on a mission to cure the injured name of pizza by creating real, authentic Italian pizza, at their two restaurants in Leicester and Loughborough.

Peter has a distinctly stylish and relaxed environment and uses upcycled vintage furniture that is wonderfully quirky. Along with exposed brick and low hung ambient lighting, the walls are covered in classic movie posters, and there’s even a movie being projected on the wall. Peter aim to create a ‘home-from-home atmosphere’ and spending time here really makes you feel like you’re among friends, thanks to the incredible team who are so welcoming.  

Peter 3.jpg

One of the first things you’ll notice about Peter is their (excellent) sense of humour. In Leicester, you’re greeted with Smeg fridge doors on the wall, adorned with amusing phrases including ‘People disappoint, pizza is eternal’ and ‘Pizza is good, but our pizza is better’. Similarly, the menus and napkins have phrases like ‘Buy me pizza and tell me i’m pretty’ and ‘you’re paying, right?’. 

Peter are dedicated to making their food as authentic as possible, and achieve this by using artisan ingredients from the local area and abroad, working with small, independent producers. Caputo flour from Naples is one of the essential ingredients and is considered the best in the world. The extra virgin olive oil & fruit juices come from Biosapori, an all female cooperative on the Adriatic coast, and the wine is made by Signor Marchisio and his sons on his vineyards in Piemonte. They also use local Leicestershire produce including Italian-style sausages from Woodhouse Farm near Hinckley. 

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Their Neapolitan-style pizzas are made by Italian chefs, with fermented sourdough bases, and are hand shaped meaning each pizza is perfectly unique. What’s more, you can see your pizza being made right in front of you - fired in the hand-built Italian wood oven for only 90 seconds, your pizza will emerge beautifully crusty and slightly charred - pizza perfection! Our favourites are the ‘Diavola’ (nice & spicy) and ‘The Sausages’, plus there are gluten free and calzone options available). For dessert, you must try the Peterella - a nutella pizza topped with crushed hazelnuts and icing sugar, it’s out of this world! 

Buy me pizza & tell me I’m pretty

Both the Loughborough & Leicester pizzerias are able to host parties of all sizes, with space for up to 100 people. Whatever your needs, whether its a corporate event, birthday or pizza making class, Peter have it covered - there ain’t no party like a pizza party! Or perhaps you want the party to come to you? ‘Pete on the street’ is Peter’s one-of-a-kind pizza truck, built from an old shipping container - we’ve never seen anything like it! Perfect for festivals, wedding receptions or anywhere else you need pizza!

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To see more of the incredible menu, visit You can also follow their instagram @peterpizzeria and become part of the Peter community.