10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To LEDs


To celebrate the Big Energy Saving Week (January 21st - 27th), INUI are spreading the word about LED lighting and why you should make the smart switch in 2019 to keep your energy bills down. If you’re asking yourself, ‘why should I switch to LED lighting?’, let us give you 10 good reasons. They are more interesting than you might have first thought…

You’ll save energy

Let’s start with the obvious one. LEDs are very energy efficient. In fact, they use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. It’s the main reason why homes and businesses the world over are championing this planet-friendly light solution. 

You’ll save money

This is of course a very attractive plus point - not to mention a nice reward for the good you’ll be doing for your footprint. More efficient energy usage means smaller bills. Try INUI’s LED lighting calculator out to estimate how much you could be saving.

LEDs are better for the environment

Amazingly, LED lighting is pollutant-free with no mercury, lead, glass or toxic materials. This means that they are 100% more recyclable than traditional bulbs, whilst also reducing waste costs. 

They’re incredibly durable

With more durability comes much lower maintenance costs and an impressive operating lifespan. Some LEDs can last around 70,000 hours, which is 8 to 10 times longer than standard lights.

LEDs use less heat

In fact, they emit little to no heat. This is because LEDs pass electrons through a semiconductor and consequently have no filament to wear out, meaning that they don’t get as hot. Interestingly, traditional lighting loses almost 95% of its energy just by producing heat but with LEDs, this figure drops massively to just 5%.

They can increase your productivity levels

A better light environment has been proven to increase productivity. Studies undertaken in offices lit by LEDs revealed less spelling errors and improved reading speeds!


LEDs are the closest alternative to natural light

It’s no secret that artificial lighting can play havoc with our eyes. Research shows that LEDs are the closest lighting alternative to natural light. 90% of us spend our waking hours indoors so the right lighting environment is more important than you might think.

They can help to regulate your circadian rhythm

Your circadian rhythm is the 24 hour clock that runs in the background of your brain. It differentiates between night and day, altering out sleepiness and alertness levels. LEDs contain blue wavelengths which are known to mimic the stimulus provided by natural light, keeping your circadian rhythm in check.

They’re the globes number one lighting choice

LEDs are fast becoming the globe’s number one lighting choice. From traffic lights, vehicle brake lights, street lights and TVs, LEDs are used in so many applications because of their unique characteristics. 

LEDs can make you more alert than coffee

Yep! A study by scientists at Mid Sweden University revealed that people exposed to blue light for an hour performed better on reaction tests than those who had drunk three coffees. LEDs keep us happy, awake and alert.