Meet Leicester Knitwear Brand, Route 13


Route 13 was created in June 2018, born from their knitwear manufacturing company Euro Rose, which was established in 1990. Since then they have supplied many leading online retailers, high street brands and even enjoyed working on high end pieces shown at London fashion week.

In previous years, large retailers shifted most of their production abroad due to pricing, making things tough for UK manufacturing. So, Euro Rose had two choices, think smart or go home! They offered their retail customers a quick turn around and small quantities, keeping them free to be reactive to an ever-changing fast fashion retail market. Tara Love, the Design Director at Euro Rose has always worked with in the knitwear industry and knew that there was no way they could close the doors on their 27 staff. She now proudly smiles as, “Three years later the formula has worked. We are growing stronger as a business and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Leicester manufacturers do not always have a great reputation of being ethical either, so we are also enormously proud of having a high ranking on fast forward, an industry recognised for ethical standards and trading.”


The next chapter begins: a new route and 13 seems the perfect number for those who believe you can create your own luck! After years of creating ranges for various retailers, they knew they had the experience to seize the opportunity to expand. 

With a gap in the market for UK products, the team at Route 13 continuously work hard to follow the upcoming trends in order to keep up with the competition amongst e-commerce brands. However, they are hoping that their experience and knowledge will give them an upper hand. They have few restrictions and can design and produce the style and quality that our customers deserve and keep the prices affordable. They want to be accessible to every lifestyle.

The team

The team

For every season, the in-house team sit down and design a range based on the latest trends and use their breadth of experience to bring different styles to the table. They all have unique, exciting ideas, very different backgrounds and skill sets, but enjoy collaborating about colour and options and always create a final collection that they all love, which reflects individual traits of the whole team!

Route 13 are also very proud to be helping the community, Tara explains, “students from DMU visit us on many occasions where we supply them with left over yarn and old samples that they use in their projects, as well as help them understand how garments are constructed. Usually when they come in, I give them a tour of the factory, showing them how the machines work so they get a small taste of what it is like to work in the industry.”

DMU students

DMU students

The team also donate boxes of ex samples to different charities and community centres, so they can sell them for a profit, through raffles and stalls. Their latest donation was to the WN and the DLR Air Ambulance but have decided to pick their next charity by using social media to allow the public to choose. 

Air Ambulance donations

Air Ambulance donations

Route 13 are very passionate about making sure their collections are beautiful as well as environmentally conscious. They started the brand by using overflow yarn from their wholesale orders to reduce yarn waste. Tara clarifies, “It is impossible to calculate an exact yarn weight, we are always left with the odd cone or box which just sits there unused. If they are not used in time the yarn becomes dry and unknittable, so why not give the yarn a new home, in new designs that we have created”.

We are inspired and motivated by you, by the environmental factors of this year’s plastic frenzy and the statistics of fast fashion landfill. We are working hard to source new yarns which will incorporate recycled plastic bottles, recycled cotton and other recycled fibres”.

Route 13 aim to style the customer for every season. The knitwear industry market is growing, and they want to drive this even further with fun, innovative designs.

If you would like to find out more about Route13, follow their Instagram @_route13 or visit